The Agency-Friendly LinkedIn Automation Tool That Does It All

The Agency-Friendly LinkedIn
Automation Tool That Does It All
The Agency-Friendly LinkedIn Automation Tool That Does It All

Automate your cold outreach, manage sales team permissions & roles, track their performance, and create transparent reports for clients – all from one platform

LinkedIn Automation For Dozens Of Clients Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Does this sound familiar?


Having difficulties managing several clients in different workspaces?

Reporting for users and clients

Spending too much time manually creating reports for your clients. Which only gets more difficult the more clients you have.

Revenue growth

Struggling to book more meetings and boost your revenue due to LinkedIn limitations.

Quality leads

Wasting time with leads who aren’t qualified and aren’t ready to buy from you.

Quantity of leads

Unsure where to find more leads that accurately fit your ICP.

Accurate data

Leads not accepting your connection requests, not responding to follow-ups, and emails bouncing because of audience mismatch.

Safety and security

Worrying if your LinkedIn account will be suspended and trying to get ahead of the constant algorithm changes.

Lack of integrations

Using 5 different tools for lead generation and outreach. Across scraping leads, verifying contact info, managing campaigns for different channels, and more.

Everything You Need to Generate Leads Automatically and More — All in One Platform

Expandi helps boost your revenue and keeps your pipeline full of quality leads, without you lifting a finger

Increase the most important agency metrics
Target quality leads and focus on the metrics that move the needle for your agency. You want to see an increase in ROI, not just the number of meetings booked.
Right people in the right roles
Set up custom roles and flexible permissions for co-workers and clients. This way, they have their own “version” of Expandi with different features as needed.
Save time on reports and prove your value
Stop generating reports manually. Receive detailed dashboard analytics, campaign performance, and LinkedIn profile health to share instantly.
Organize your sales processes by integrating Expandi with your CRM and other tools at the click of a button via webhooks. No coding skills required.
Sell your services under your own branding
Impress clients with your version of Expandi, tailored to your unique branding and specific client needs.
Military-grade support
As an agency, you gain access to a specialized customer support team that wants to see you succeed. Your success is our success.